Marvine International Trading is a full-service marketing and trade business that focuses on all aspects of the importation, distribution, sales, and marketing of branded fast-moving consumer goods throughout Greater China.

玛尔文是一个提供营销和分销服务的贸易公司, 在整个大中华地区,为快消品牌提供全方位的进口、分销、销售和营销服务。


Sales 销售

Driving sales in a fiercely crowded, uber-aggressive market.


Marketing 营销

Creating winning strategies that cut through the clutter at all stages of the consumer purchase journey.


Distribution 运销

Ensuring that products are in the right channel at the right time for the right price ... and never out of stock.

     Off-Trade: IKAs, NKAs, LKAs

     On-Trade: Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes (HORECA)

     Online: JD, Tmall, Taobao


Importation 进口


Customs clearance and regulatory procedures made easy.