Sinolytics is an independent Shanghai-based boutique market research firm focused on the fast-moving consumer goods, consumer retail, and hospitality sectors in Mainland China. The business unit provides a select set of China-focused clients with in-depth consumer and industry research. Contact us directly at

赛诺析是一家位于上海的市场调研公司, 专注于快消品、零售业和中国内地酒店餐饮业。该业务部门为以中国为目标市场的客户提供深入的消费者和行业研究。直接联系我们


The Sinolytics Difference 赛诺析特色

1. Sinophilic: We are China specialists. All of our experience and focus is directed toward Chinese consumers and industries. While some firms have a “China office” for advertising purposes, we are the real deal.

本土视角: 作为本土专家,我们所有的经验专注于中国消费者和行业。我们不用“中国办事处”作为宣传,我们就是中国消费品行业的专家。

2. Panoramic: Sinolytics has the ability to illuminate a wide variety of opportunities and challenges throughout China from the fast-paced mega-cities of Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou all the way down to rural towns and villages. 

全局观: 从快节奏的大城市如北京、上海、广州到偏远的农村乡镇,赛诺析能为您阐述广阔中国的机会与挑战。

3. Telescopic: Due to our China-only focus, we are able to commit more analysts per project than almost any of our competitors, producing research that is unrivaled in depth and detail.

节控:  只专注于中国的消费品行业,力求在每个项目中比同业竞争者提供更多的分析,致力于提供最具深度与细节的研究结果。

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Untangle China.